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COVID-19 and Rehabilitation—Cochrane Rehabilitation resource

23 Nov 2020 7:47 AM | Anonymous

COVID-19 has impacted our lives for much of this year and will continue to be present heading into 2021. It has no doubt impacted both your personal and professional spaces. We are fortunate in New Zealand to have had low infection numbers.

As a result we are seeing few instance of people needing rehabilitation after Covid. However, if you are faced with a client who is experience secondary impairments after Covid, what should you do?

Cochrane Rehabilitation have been working hard to identify all the evidence produced about COVID-19 and rehabilitation. This action is highly essential for clinicians located all over the world. This collection of evidence is reliable and updated each month, so clinicians can access the latest evidence being produced.

The Rehabilitation COVID-19 Evidence-based Response (REH_COVER) action plan includes:

  1.  an evidence-based living mapping of all the current evidence
  2.  a living rapid systematic review of all the current evidence updated every month
  3. a list of research priorities produced in collaboration with the WHO rehabilitation programme
  4. a Special Collection of Cochrane Systematic Reviews in the Cochrane Library
  5. a series of rapid reviews on evidence about expected rehabilitation needs due to COVID-19 (in production). The REH-COVER action is led by an international multi-professional Steering Committee (13 members, seven professions, four continents, including LMIC).

Should Covid become more of a problem in New Zealand, it is reassuring that we will have access to the REH-COVER action plan, and if needed we can use this resource to keep up-to-date with the latest additions to the collection.

Authored: Shar Davis

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