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Innovation Award Finalist—Te Pou Aropā Takitoru

02 Aug 2021 4:02 PM | Deleted user

Te Pou Aropā Takitoru has been announced as one of the finalists for this year's innovation award.

Te Pou Aropā Takitoru is a nation-wide coordinated peer support service providing informal support to those adapting to limb loss. It was officially launched in New Zealand in August 2019 in collaboration with Peke Waihanga, Limbs 4 Life and Amputees Federation of New Zealand reflected in its Māori name – Te Pou Aropā Takitoru.

The Pou symbolises the three organisations, Peke Waihanga, Amputee’s Federation of New Zealand (Inc) and Limbs 4 Life representing the three Pou supporting the wharenui.

The service offers pre/post-amputation, living with amputation and partner support from trained volunteers who have experienced limb loss themselves. The service Coordinator matches recipients to a peer support volunteer, conducts follow-up phone calls to evaluate the support provided and facilitates access to other support services as and when needed.

Matthew Bryson spoke to NZRA about being chosen as a finalist.

This innovation will be presented at the conference and you will have an opportunity to vote for which innovation you think is most deserving of this year's award.

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