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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) study options—semester one

11 Feb 2021 2:25 PM | Anonymous

Auckland University of Technology has a range of postgraduate programmes – Postgraduate Certificate and Diplomas and Masters of Health Science and Health Practice. Information about our Postgraduate pathways and papers within the pathways can be found here and on our website 

Core Semester One papers are:

1. Concepts of Rehabilitation

Concepts of Rehabilitation focuses on the concepts which underpin rehabilitation practice (by 'concepts', we mean the big ideas that provide us with tools to think about ways of working, processes, beliefs). Such concepts are commonly transdisciplinary, not specific to any one discipline.

Within the paper, we will support students from various rehabilitation contexts and disciplinary locations to explore what is taken-for-granted in rehabilitation, and to critically reflect on the ways their own practice is shaped by these elements for better or worse.  There are many things we do because we should, we think they're worth doing, or our professional guidelines, KPIs, and other systems pressures say that we must.

This paper provides an opportunity for people to stop and explore the assumptions they might hold, to think about these in light of the diversity of theory and evidence and consider what this means for rehabilitation practice, education, and research in the future. In particular, we are keen to locate these ideas within the specific Aotearoa/New Zealand context, including the implications of Te Tiriti O Waitangi for the production of mana-enhancing care and practice. 

More detail about the paper can be found here

For more information, contact Gareth Terry: Gareth.terry@aut.ac.nz

 2. Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation bridges the gap between practice and theory within neuro-rehabilitation. The paper is geared towards understanding and applying both the science that underpins practice and the evidence base for practice. Students are inter-disciplinary and engage throughout the paper in collaborative learning.  For more detail go to:

More detail about the paper can be found here

For more information, contact Sue Lord: sue.lord@aut.ac.nz

3. Occupational Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a multidisciplinary science that applies a broad systems approach to the prevention and management of work-related accidents and ill-health.  This paper, Occupational Ergonomics, is designed to provide health and safety practitioners with a broader perspective on their role in influencing prevention and management strategies for improved worker health and safety. Practitioners will be encouraged to critically reflect on the evidence supporting an ergonomics approach and explore how they might apply this knowledge to their area of practice.

More detail about the paper can be found here

For more information, contact Mark Boocock: mark.boocock@aut.ac.nz

4. Pain: Mechanisms and Management

This paper will give you a greater understanding of the mechanisms involved in the sensation of pain and the development of chronic pain syndromes, expand your knowledge of clinical diagnostic techniques, and broaden your approach to the management of patients in pain. The on-campus version of the paper includes structured lectures, class discussions, and group presentations on neurophysiologic concepts related to pain mechanisms and pain management. Expert clinicians from a range of clinical backgrounds also present and discuss pain management strategies.

More detail about the paper can be found here

For more information, contact Gwyn Lewis: gwyn.lewis@aut.ac.nz


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